2011 Demo

by Servants

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released November 28, 2011

All songs written, played, recorded, and yelled by Servants

Produced by Joe McElroy at Slipped Disc Studios

The Motherland Collective



all rights reserved



We are a progressive/melodic hardcore/punk band from MA & CT. Our goal is to be a breath of fresh air in the music scene locally and abroad; to live our name. Servants. Come hang out with us at a show when we roll through your area!

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Track Name: Eternal
We convince ourselves forever can't exist, but all of us still living here have never seen it. Based off feelings; based off pride, we make up rules of our world we'll never fully comprehend. Where is forever? Where is eternity? It's not in our heads. It's not in our minds. You've trapped it in a wall of insecurities. I believe it's outside. It's the one thing I take strength in. Peering through, looking out, looking beyond and into this forever. Where is eternity? It's not in our heads. It's not in our minds. I cannot deny the existence of our Creator. Where is eternity? It's not in our heads. It's not in our minds. I'll hold fast to The Eternal. To these truths I've been given. Given inside.
Track Name: What I've Been Shown
We are the race that is limited by a mind with an understanding only of what we see. No man holds all the answers, with no chance will God reveal all the
mysteries of heaven. Tell me what you know, and I'll tell you it has no
substance. Ask me what I know, I'll tell you it's not what I know but what I've
been shown. It's our pride pulling us down. It's our pride telling us lies,
manmade gods in our eyes. Help us look past our simple human selves. Into
something more.
Track Name: Of Man
Change makes it clear; the incompleteness of man. Obsessed with modern medicines and machines. Chasing the unreachable goal of perfection. Change makes it clear; the imperfection of man. We're all getting lost in our own existence. It's time to see the finite beings we were meant to be. Breakthrough after breakthrough, forget manmade miracles. They are trivial. We must be able to see our accomplishments; our ability to create and discover, as blessings; not an idol. Change is incomplete. Progress is imperfection.
Track Name: Nature
Beginning and the end. Creator and our judge. Lover and teacher. How can we know your ways? How can we fathom Your majesty? Crippled by human flesh. We simply choose to deny Your glory. There is nothing to compare. There is nothing to describe. Fit Him in a formula. Give a miracle a theory. Stop insulting the ways of the spirit. You've been deceived by the laws of man. You've all been trapped in the laws of man. How can we know Your ways? How can we fathom Your majesty? We are all creations of the Creator of life. Beginning and the end. Creator and our judge.
Track Name: Void
Into the void He spoke and blackness came to life. Marking the edge of time
darkness turned to light. Tell me how all of this was created out of nothing.
There is no other way than through our creator. He spoke this world into existence. He breathed life into man. Without a God in heaven we have no reason to exist. There is a reason and a purpose for all we see. A design above our own, faith in the unseen. Why can't you see? It's clear as day and black as night. Why can't you see?